Dates and location
DatesFrom July 4th to 6th, 2019 (PROVISIONALS DATES)
LocationMontessori Palau Girona
FormatIntroductory course of 40 hours
Organized byMontessori Palau International Research and Training Center (MIRTC)

Course information:

Teacher: Ruben Jongkind

Languages: Español / English


1History of football

2Planes of development (related to football)

3Human tendencies (related to football)

4The Total footballer

5Prepared environments (related to football)

6Individual development

7The role of the coach

8Talent identification

9Training methods:

aStyle of play

bPrinciples of play

cLearning methods

10The role of the parents

11Practical sessions:

aExperience football training

bCreate football exercises

cPresent football training

dReflect on football training


aObserving a football match

bObserving the total footballer

cObserving a football training

dCreating a football training

eCreating a schedule

Additional notes

  • Practical sessions will take place on football area (grass/turf pitch or other designated area)
  • Participants need to wear the sports clothes that will be supplied on the first day of the course and their own sports shoes. In order to be able to provide sportswear (shorts and short-sleeved shirt) the organization needs the sizes of each participant at the registration time.
  • There will be no handouts or summaries; all participants can make their own summary from the theory sessions.



Ruben Jongkind


Talent development, academy management, analysis, design & change of football organisations, methodology, physical performance, running technique, individual training, periodisation, Spanish-Dutch-English-German-Italian


Ruben is the founder and CEO of Montessori Football. Montessori Football enhances the technical, physical, social and psychological development of the child by enriching the Montessori environment with football. Ruben started to get interested in Montessori when he was coaching Jamie Lawrence in the academy of Ajax Amsterdam, and he got acquainted with Lynne Lawrence, CEO of AMI, in 2008.

In 2010 he was the main author of “Plan Cruyff”, a plan that was designed by Johan Cruyff, Wim Jonk and Ruben Jongkind, to reform the Ajax Academy and get back to the European top. They fundamentally reformed the Ajax academy structure as well as its culture, introducing a new philosophy that marked the players and their development as the indisputable focal point of the academy, in all aspects of its organisation and processes. Between 2010 and 2016. Ruben was the Head of Development of the Ajax Academy and started to implement Montessorian principles in the academy leading to Ajax reaching the final of the Europa League in 2017 with the youngest team to reach a European final and four players reaching the Dutch National Team with an average age of only 19. Ruben was one of the last people to work very closely to Johan Cruyff in the last 5 years of Johan’s life.

In 2016 Ruben decided to dedicate himself to disseminating the Cruyff legacy but at the same time he realised that the world of professional football is not yet ready for a philosophy of harmony like Montessori. That’s why he started Montessori Football which in 2018 already spread out to four major cities in China, Australia and South Africa with the support from AMI certifying the course.

Ruben holds a degree in Environmental Science from Wageningen University and a Master in Business Administration (MScBA) from Nijmegen Business School.

Matthias Kohler


Implementation of football methodology in Montessori schools. Play style, training methodology, training, individual training, talent development, international futbol. German, English, Dutch.


As a Methodology Coordinator at AFC Ajax Amsterdam, Matthias initiated and implemented the methodology department to apply, on a daily basis, Ajax's vision based on "Cruyff Plan." His main tasks included the creation of a uniform language for all players, trainers and staff, based on a unique style of play and a distinctive set of football principles, to develop and implement the training philosophy and to professionalize the development processes of players within the academy. Along with Ruben, Matthias was the main figure and contact agent for the exchange of knowledge between professional clubs in Europe, including Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC.

Also, Matthias was one of the experts who participated and helped the Football Real Association of the Netherlands (KNVB) with his Master Plan to reform Dutch football (youth). Matthias played at the SC Freiburg academy before starting to work for the German Football Association (DFB) and Ajax Cape Town. He has the approval of UEFA Pro License, a Diploma in Sports Economics, a Master's Degree in Mental Training.

In December 2017 Matthias went to South Africa and implemented a Montessori Football program at the Montessori Newberry House in four months. There Matthias introduced football as part of the weekly routine to 230 students from 3 to 15 years. Now Matthias is devoted to the development of the African program to make Montessori Football accessible to less privileged children and teachers.

Certification Assessment Requirements

Participants will obtain a certificate as they have completed the course, if they meet these requirements:

  • You have completed 36 hours of the 40 hour Montessori Football Introductory Course by AMI (to compensate for the 4 missed hours participants, receive an additional assignment)
  • You have completed the group assignments
  • You have completed the individual assignments in which your understanding of the methodology is evaluated
  • An active attitude during the group activities and plenary reflection sessions
  • Except for the individual assignment, all assignments will be conducted during the 40 course hours
  • You understand the methods and principles to implement Montessori in youth player development
  • You understand the philosophical and practical connection between Montessori and Football methodology
  • You are qualified to provide afterschool football classes to children aged 3-6 within the scope of the consultancy services of Montessori-Football
  • If deemed competent, you will be qualified to apply for either the 3-12 Montessori Football Coaching Course or the 13-19 Montessori Football Coaching Course

Important information: This five-day course does not qualify you to teach or train others in Montessori Football methodology. To become a Montessori Football Teacher the Montessori Football 3-12, 13- 19 Courses and the Montessori Football Teacher Course are required.

  • Registration before November 30th 2018: €890
  • Registration after November 30th 2018: €930

Qualification Prerequisites

Participants are required to have an AMI diploma or are in the training process. If you do not have it, an admission process is necessary.

Qualification Award

Cruyff Football Montessori Introductory Coaching Course Certificate